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The College of Media and Journalism is accredited by the Czech Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports up-to-date educational programme in the field of Journalism, Audiovisual and Digital Media, and Public Relations and Digital Media.

  • It reached the 18th anniversary of its existence in the field of media education in the academic year 2013/14.
  • The College of Media and Journalism sees the future media as a key communication point, where independent authors on one hand, and editorial leaders on the other, will meet. The content of the new media will consist of ordered contributions or of professionally mediated information.
  • Thanks to new technologies, the demands for quality will be raised and only people with a high quality journalistic training and deep contextual education will be capable of working in media. New generations of journalists will work both in a global world of communication networks and in regional news.
  • They will also have to be good at telling stories, not only of others‘, but their own as well. That is the aim of the College of Media and Journalism. 

Our programme

Based on the current practice of Anglo-Saxon, Scandinavian and French media schools, the new educational programme reflects the newest trends in communication professions and greatly benefits the inquisitive applicants who want to study at a cutting-edge media college. 

The educational programme is divided into three main fields: JournalismAudiovisual and Digital Media, and Public Relations and Digital Media.

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It is based on a modular credit system, which enables students to gain ECTS credits for the passed subjects and to use them at other, both Czech and foreign, universities and colleges.

The CMJ has a distance-learning option. That form of study provides all people who want to study but have no time for full-time study with opportunity to improve themselves in media communication.


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The CMJ is a practical media workshop with its own up-to-date media facilities – a radio studio,  video editing labs, DTP workplaces, a brand new TV studio with a production-control  room.

Seminar rooms, including a lecture hall for 100 students, are equipped with projectors used for multimedia presentations. The students can also use PC rooms (with free Internet access) and a library daily during the whole academic year.

Our people

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The college has been building its respect since 1996 by cooperation with renowned personalities who have significant experience with teaching young journalists. These authorities and teachers from prominent Czech universities are in charge of instruction in the individual disciplines and routines of media professions at CMJ in creative workshops and by working on real working projects. We are also happy to support the students‘ personal development and their relationship to the spiritual roots of European civilization.

  • The world of media involves both wealth and danger. An introduction to its glamour and pitfalls is provided in the course Analysis, Criticism and Social Responsibility of Media taught by Petr Sládeček.
  • Or, a sense of the work and daily routine of a journalist is offered by attending the workshop of Martin Kézr, the head of the sports section in the major Czech daily Právo.

  • You can also discuss art and literature with renowned writer and artist Václav Vokolek.

  • Consultant and media advisor Petr Sládeček will teach you the principles of management, and together with Kateřina Fričová, an experienced media manager, will offer you the principles of programming, dramaturgy and marketing of TV and radio station and print media.


    Other experienced professionals teaching at our college: 

  • Roman Bradáč, a longtime foreign correspondent of the Czech TV in the USA, chief of the report channel CT24 and the head of TV Barrandov
  • Jolana Dvořáková, chief producer of TV Barrandov (2008 – 2013)

Our work

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In the 18 years of our existence, we have offered professional preparation to over 700 media specialists, who now form part of the broad community of journalists, editors and camera operators both in public and private media. Our graduates are also employed as spokespersons, copywriters, project managers or PR agency experts.  



What we do? We publish - print - take pictures - shoot - organize - promote.


Our school firms

The college edits its own Internet magazine called Generace20 which aims to serve as an effective information portal. The students learn to work in editorial teams for which they are chosen on the basis of a selection procedure.

The section leaders of each team choose topics which are processed and published, both in text and audio-visual form, by the students, while the articles produced for Generace 20 are then used in a printed magazine called Echo.

Moreover, the future media professionals also are entrusted with a sizeable measure of experience thanks to four long-term internships, provided by significant representatives of Czech media environment and their certified cooperation with our college. The best students of our college also have the opportunity to study abroad through the European programme Leonardo da Vinci.

PubliCity is a student communictions agency where they deal with real projects and clients. Students as real agency employees with certain positions such as junior/senior specialists work in teams, deal with clients and deliver communications content to them.  

Our educational programme

  • Achieved educational level: tertiary technical education
  • Length of the educational programme: 3 years with the opportunity of following Bachelor’s degree study at cooperating universities
  • Graduate’s degree: Foundation Degree (DiS.)
  • Certification: Graduation Certificate, international supplement to the certificate
  • Method of study: full-time study or distance-learning option
  • Specialization: JournalismAudiovisual and Digital Media, and Public Relations and Digital Media.
  • Founder: the Prague Archbishopric
  • Tuition: 28 000 CZK a year


Kontaktujte nás

Opatovická 160/18, 110 00 Praha 1
Telefon:  +420 725 006 567 (sekretariát)
Telefon:  +420 725 031 431 (studijní oddělení)

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